Mad for this casual breakfast in Pacific Beach #2

sign above the door on garnet for the mad beet restaurant in pacific beach

Have I mentioned that I love to go out for breakfast when I’m in southern California? The fresh, salty air really gives me an appetite. Back at home, I’m “meh” about breakfast but cross the state line and suddenly I’m starving. San Diego satisfyingly delivers in the breakfast department.

Normally, if I’m going to eat breakfast I will splurge on something that is probably not listed anywhere on a Weight Watchers menu. The caloric content is usually right up there in the stratosphere but I play this trick in my mind where I convince myself that all of the walking and biking I do will make up for the big meal first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, my hubby is right when he says that all the exercise in the world cannot overcome the power of the fork.

For those days when I’m feeling a little more health-conscious (and waistline aware), I have discovered a fantastic breakfast spot that serves phenomenal, affordable breakfasts that pack a powerful, healthy punch. You’ll be blown away by the variety and creativity of the huge menu at The Mad Beet.

complete wall menu from the mad beet restaurant in pacific beach

Last year, The Mad Beet relocated from its original location on Cass Street to a bigger spot on Garnet Avenue just a few blocks from the beach. It’s not a surprise that they needed more space as their popularity grew. The owners are two local guys that wanted to come up with a healthy dining option in a neighborhood best known for craft beer and fried zucchini. ¬†Juices, smoothies, sandwiches, salads and fruit bowls can be ordered at the counter and they will call you after they whip up your meal from scratch. There are picnic tables where you can dine in, but I usually eat as I walk back to the beach and along the boardwalk.

menu at the mad beet in pacific beach

The eatery’s menu is a fanciful twist on music and song themes; it’s so extensive that it takes up one whole wall from floor to ceiling. My all-time favorite item at The Mad Beet is the HONEYO. This fruit bowl starts with granola, topped with a large scoop each of Nutella and peanut butter, then loaded with fresh, ripe strawberries, blueberries and banana slices, and drizzled with local honey. Oh my gosh, this is such a delicious and nutrient-rich way to start the morning!

honeyo fruit bowl from the mad beet restaurant in pacific beach

On your first visit the menu might look a little overwhelming but the team at The Mad Beet can help you pick out something that works for your taste buds. While you are waiting for your yummy breakfast or lunch, spend some time reading all of the menu items. Some of the puns are laugh out loud funny. There’s the Berrianna Grande smoothie, the Ludacrisp blends smoothie, the Jennifer Cantalopez superfood smoothie, a Bananas Foster the People fruit bowl and plenty more. Also, check out the original artwork by Autumn…she’s amazing and I love her style!

art by autumn from the mad beet

The Mad Beet’s owners are really dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Not only do they want to help you to eat nutritiously, they want to help you create an all-around healthy lifestyle. They are happy to connect you to their network of trainers, nutritionists and health coaches if you are interested in furthering your health goals. Right now they are promoting a Mad Beet fitness boot camp that is available three days a week. “Bootcamp + your favorite juice for just $15!” These guys really walk the walk.

So this summer, Zonis, don’t be too hard on yourself for overindulging. With so many restaurants, bars, cafes and markets in the San Diego area, it is easy to fall into a fried food/dessert/cocktail habit while on vacation. But, when you are ready for a break from the high-calorie meals and your body craves something pure, clean, nutritious and delicious, The Mad Beet will be waiting for you.

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